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US visitors wary of Ukraine threaten European travel recovery

Airlines and hoteliers have warned that the conflict in Ukraine is causing high-spending US travellers to hold off visiting Europe, slowing the industry’s long...

What is ‘extractive tourism’ and what can we do about it?

Extractive tourism encompasses the destructive impact of mass tourism on local communities, as travel ceases to be seen as a benign activity to be enjoyed by all. Governments and local authorities around the world are looking at ways to limit tourist numbers and encourage businesses to invest in the areas that they serve.

Covid robbed Kyoto of foreign tourists – now it is not sure it wants them back

A city that had 8 million overseas visitors in 2019 – including free-spending parties of Chinese people – is getting used to the peace and quiet. After two years of the toughest borders restrictions in the world, Japan’s tourist boom feels as if it belongs to a different age.

Zambia’s untapped tourism potential

In this “Good Tourism” Insight, Shamiso Nyajeka makes a  pitch for the development of a responsible, sustainable, and economically-inclusive travel & tourism industry in Zambia. Poverty persists despite a lucrative mining tradition, and increasing tourism opportunities is a means to protect the environment rather than exploit it.

What does the future of travel look like?

In this guest post for Travel Daily Media, the author looks at the 5 trends he believes will dominate the sector in 2022: domestic vs international travel; the remote working knock-on effect; alternative accommodation is not alternative anymore; business travel will return – but not like before; and technology will power travel.

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