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Climate action in tourism – interview with Jeremy Smith (part 1)

How well tourism is fighting climate change, and what you can do today to help

Banning flights on UK routes with fast rail links ‘could cut flight emissions by third’

Banning domestic passenger flights for journeys with viable train routes of under four-and-a-half hours would cut Great Britain’s emissions from domestic aviation in half, according to a new report published by the Intergenerational Foundation

How the Tourism Industry Can Close the Knowledge-Action Gap

People understand they need to make changes. They may even know how to make them. The problem is a yawning divide between what people know or say they’ll do and actually changing their behavior and/or taking action.

Caribbean countries to seek ‘loss and damage’ as top priority at COP27, document says

Small island nations, which are among the most affected by rising temperatures, are pushing developed countries to create a "loss and damage" funding facility to pay for consequences of climate change that go beyond what people can adapt to.

Transforming Pan European Tourism through climate change

Ministers of the Environment from across the Pan European region have agreed to promote the transformation of tourism.

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