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Seeing stars: the astronomical rise of Australian dark-sky tourism

Australia has a relative abundance of astro-tourism destinations, and a growing movement to help protect their darkness.

Tourism is sucking Utah dry. Now it faces a choice – growth or survival?

Booming expansion to meet the demands of thousands of visitors every year is squeezing dwindling water supply.

How a vacation to Hawaii can be relaxing for tourists – and harmful to its residents

As it exists now, the powerful tourism industry dictates the lives of Native Hawaiians, often for the worse.

Dubrovnik and Porec Sustainable Tourism Resulting in Great Numbers

Dubrovnik and Porec sustainable tourism is resulting in some excellent numbers this summer tourist season.

From littered Bali beaches to sustainable tourism

Villagers in the island of Java set the rules for tourists visiting their area, working with the local government to help protect popular sites.

Costa Rica Stands Out in Solidarity Tourism

Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism won the "Solidarity Tourism" Award in the Awards for Sustainable and Social Tourism in Ibero-America.

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