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The return of tourism to the Cook Islands – but no return to mass tourism

The Cook Islands opened quarantine-free travel with New Zealand. On the one hand, this news created excitement as tourism will bring income to both nations. On the other hand, there are concerns about the sustainability of tourism as neither country wants a return to mass tourism.

Valencia becomes the first city to verify its tourism carbon emissions

Valencia aims to be a carbon neutral city by 2025 and has adapted a pioneering sustainable tourism strategy. Part of the commitment was to verify its carbon emissions from tourism-related activities, such as transport, accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities. The study showed that 81 per cent of the carbon footprint in the tourism sector came from travel to the city.

Venice bans cruise ships from historic centre

Venice has banned large cruise ships from entering the historic centre in response to a request from UN cultural body UNESCO. Pressure to pass a ban on large vessels mounted in 2019 after a cruise ship crashed into a harbour in the city, injuring five people. Large ships will now have to dock at the city's industrial port until a permanent solution is found.

Should you go on a cruise?

Is this form of tourism ethical and sustainable? Is it acceptable ethically to take a cruise?

The World’s Most Sustainable Cruise Operator

Peregrine Adventures, an adventure travel company offering premium, immersive small group experiences, is disrupting the cruise industry with new tours and sustainable initiatives in 2018.

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