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Sustainability is in the DNA of the company: Interview with Hans Lagerweij

Having recognised the negative effects of climate change on the environment, Hans Lagerweij from Albatros Expeditions explains the company's commitment to improving fuel efficiency...

Return of cruise ships may bring a storm of protest to regional Australian ports

From Vanuatu to Canada’s Northwest Passage, the pressure to open up new areas to the cruise industry is relentless, but decisions are often made without detailed independent research on economic benefits or environmental impact. This is an issue currently faced by the community of Jervis Bay, 200km south of Sydney.

No more Brits abroad: Did the pandemic really change holidays in Britain?

According to the Independent, there’s a misconceived belief that Brits prefer international trips to holidaying in the UK. The idea of a “staycation boom” has been much hyped in the British media, but British holidays were already popular before the pandemic. However, there has been an increase in demand for certain locations and accommodation types, in particular self-catering options in rural and coastal settings.

Overtourism: Venice tries tracking tourists

Can mobile phone data and surveillance cameras help restore the city’s old-world charm, or just destroy what magic remains? City officials plan to use the data to prevent overcrowding and inform the use of the gates and the booking system that come into force next year. However, many say high-tech solutions will not bring a more authentic Venice back to itself.

New plastics report warns travel industry and call for unity

As the travel industry slowly emerges from the pandemic, it will soon have to re-engage with dropping single-use plastics because regulators aren’t waiting until the travel sector’s profitability recovers to tighten laws.

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