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5 Key Takeaways for the Future of Sustainable Tourism

More industry stakeholders now recognize what practices are effective for their sustainability journeys. In the overall industry, however, gaps persist and there’s still a lot more work to do to put these strategies into practice.

The strategic connection between Community-Based Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals

Why Community-Based Tourism is so important for our industry? In her latest article for Travel Tomorrow, Elisa Spampinato drew some links to show that those inspiring grassroots stories are not isolated cases, but are part of a way of doing tourism that has great importance for our planet and especially for the people and the communities that inhabit it.

Is big cruising too big for local communities?

Cruise tourism is cast as a win-win for all parties as tourists have great holidays, local destinations have boatloads of visitors brought right to their shores and the cruise companies rake in profits. So why are local communities increasingly protesting this supposedly great sector?

How an ex-coalmining town is turning to ecotourism to rebuild its economy

Dante, a Virginia town, is seeking to transform itself into a hub of ecotourism by nurturing the environment around it, and bring some of the natural beauty back to the community.

Native Americans are finally at the heart of Yellowstone

America’s first national park inspired a global movement of ‘fortress conservation’, but we know today indigenous peoples are essential stewards of nature.

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