Category: Climate Change

Transforming Pan European Tourism through climate change

Ministers of the Environment from across the Pan European region have agreed to promote the transformation of tourism.

EasyJet to stop offsetting CO2 emissions from December

Airline unveils ‘roadmap to net zero’ strategy focusing on sustainable fuel and more efficient planes

Sex, drugs and … sustainability? Music festivals struggle to go green

While the musical jamborees trumpet their climate credentials and court EU policymakers, activists and scholars accuse some festivals of greenwashing and a lack of transparency over their sustainability data. 

Kuwait targets sustainable tourism market with upcoming development

XZero City aims to set a new benchmark in eco-friendly hospitality and Kuwait's sustainable tourism

Stockholm Instead of Rome? October Instead of July? How Heat Waves Are Changing Tourism in Europe

Shifts in travel patterns are likely to become more common in Europe, a region that climate researchers describe as a “hot spot” for severe summer heat.

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