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Is tourism ready for sustainability – interview with Dr. Ioannis Pappas

How has health and political crisis impacted travel, and is tourism ready for sustainability?

How to Tread Lightly in Fragile Places

Organizing a responsible visit to sensitive areas like the Galápagos Islands or Antarctica involves research, decoding certifications and possibly a travel adviser.

How Slovenia’s Pioneering Certification for Green Travel Is Coming Up Short

Slovenia has demonstrated how a country can develop its tourism industry sustainably, but it doesn’t solve the persistent problem of slow hotel action.

What is ‘greenwashing’ and how can we avoid it while travelling?

It’s a wonderful thing that so many people are finally talking about travel being a force for good. The challenge now, though, is how do we really know who’s walking the talk?

Intrepid recertifies as a B Corporation

B Corporations are businesses that "meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability" to balance profit and purpose. Intrepid Travel has had its B Corporation status recertified after achieving a near 10% improvement on its original 2018 assessment.

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