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All Legoland Resorts in North America to Become Certified Autism Centers

Legoland California, Legoland Florida, and Legoland New York Resorts announced that all parks will become Certified Autism Centers (CAC) by spring 2023

Sustainable Berlin Standard Acheives GSTC-Recognized Status

Sustainable Berlin Standard has achieved ‘GSTC-Recognized Standard’ status and is fully recognized as equivalent to the GSTC Industry Criteria.

Is tourism ready for sustainability – interview with Dr. Ioannis Pappas

How has health and political crisis impacted travel, and is tourism ready for sustainability?

How to Tread Lightly in Fragile Places

Organizing a responsible visit to sensitive areas like the Galápagos Islands or Antarctica involves research, decoding certifications and possibly a travel adviser.

How Slovenia’s Pioneering Certification for Green Travel Is Coming Up Short

Slovenia has demonstrated how a country can develop its tourism industry sustainably, but it doesn’t solve the persistent problem of slow hotel action.

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