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How a County Clare community inspired sustainable tourism around the world

Made up of 62 tourism enterprises, from cheesemongers to carbon-neutral hotels, the Burren Ecotourism Network works to conserve the area through training, initiatives and a code of sustainable practices. The Network has now been awarded the ‘Green Light’ award for sustainability from

Tribal-Run conservation in Africa proves resilient during the pandemic

The Covid pandemic has hit African tourism and the wildlife conservation it supports extremely hard. But Indigenous-managed projects, such as the Il Ngwesi eco-lodge and conservancy run by Maasai in Kenya, have benefited from local people’s stewardship of their lands.

Recall of the wild: South America’s new era of nature-led tourism

Macaws, jaguars, tapirs and woolly monkeys are just a few of the critically endangered species being reintroduced as part of Latin America’s rewilding drive. In Colombia, the government recently passed into law wide-reaching sustainable tourism policies under the banner 'Together With Nature'.

Recycled regatta: world heritage site highlights plastic pollution crisis

When environmentalists on a Seychelles atoll decided to race boats made from ocean litter, they had 500 tonnes to pick from. Island nations such as Seychelles bear the brunt of marine plastic pollution due to the convergence of ocean currents, and events such as the the Aldabra Regatta attempt to draw attention to the issue of marine plastic pollution.

Tourists gone, Bali’s young entrepreneurs eye sustainable future

Young people on Indonesia’s famous resort island are finding new ways to make ends meet after the collapse of tourism. Ubud, Bali – When Made...

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