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Machu Picchu’s strict pandemic rules may be here to stay

The pandemic has spurred the implementation of crowd management measures at Machu Picchu, the 15th century Incan archaeological site that has traditionally been marred by issues related over-tourism. The new hourly quota system and limit to group sizes now look here to stay, along with predetermined paths that visitors must follow.

How does a UNESCO World Heritage rating affect a tourist destination?

The announcement of new additions to the UNESCO list can be a cause for excitement, but 2021’s has been more dramatic than most. With all the fuss around who will make the cut and who won't, there's one question that hasn't been answered: Does UNESCO designation really make a difference with travellers?

UNWTO starts its search for the best tourism villages

The UNWTO has started its search for rural villages that provide the opportunity to safeguard their communities, local traditions and heritage. It hopes to maximise the contribution of the sector to reducing regional inequalities and fighting against rural depopulation. The initiative includes three pillars: a label, a program and a network.

How can a circular tourism economy help repurpose heritage buildings?

Abandoned buildings can be an eyesore, a blight on a land- or cityscape, and even an embarrassment to many locals. Yet they are all a part of a place’s history and heritage. While not all are worth saving, many heritage buildings deserve a new lease of life. Here, Angelo Sciacca applies his passion for circular economics and participative planning to the problem. 

UNESCO project for the recovery of heritage tourism

To accelerate the tourism and heritage sector’s recovery from Covid, protect livelihoods and encourage more inclusive and sustainable development, Germany has provided UNESCO with 2 million euros. The project will be implemented over 18 months in seven countries.

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