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Tourism’s common challenge: How do we create ‘community shared value’?

Are there needs, wants, and desires common to all (or most) individuals within your community? How might travel & tourism serve them? In this “Good Tourism” Insight, K Michael Haywood explores the challenge all destinations face if they wish to create ‘community shared value’.

How a County Clare community inspired sustainable tourism around the world

Made up of 62 tourism enterprises, from cheesemongers to carbon-neutral hotels, the Burren Ecotourism Network works to conserve the area through training, initiatives and a code of sustainable practices. The Network has now been awarded the ‘Green Light’ award for sustainability from

Tourism rescues Omalo, Georgia, from oblivion

Adventure tourists have thrown the remotest mountain region of the country an economic lifeline – but at what cost to ancient traditions and customs? The gains of tourism by way of new jobs and economic growth are tinged with the knowledge that part of their cultural heritage will be lost as the transactional nature of tourism is at odds with the hospitality for which Georgia is famed.

The rebirth of Tasmanian indigenous culture

For palawa, there has been a seismic shift in recognition in recent years, with a new embrace of indigenous culture across Tasmania. Teaching has been one of the most significant changes in Tasmania's relationship with its indigenous past and there is now a strong desire to hand down traditions that came so close to being lost.

Overtourism: Venice tries tracking tourists

Can mobile phone data and surveillance cameras help restore the city’s old-world charm, or just destroy what magic remains? City officials plan to use the data to prevent overcrowding and inform the use of the gates and the booking system that come into force next year. However, many say high-tech solutions will not bring a more authentic Venice back to itself.

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