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Tourism New Zealand Launches First Campaign In Two Years That’s Aimed At Enriching Experiences

Amid New Zealand’s reopening of its borders with certain travel requirements, Tourism New Zealand has launched a campaign centered on the natural and cultural splendors of the country that is known in the Māori language as Aotearoa.

Air New Zealand Weaves in Māori Magic to Address Sustainable Tourism

Air New Zealand invites visitors back to the country with a strong Māori push for sustainable tourism. Led by the concept of ‘Tiaki’, which means ‘to care for people and place’, the airline’s new safety video places importance on New Zealanders’ special connection to their land.

Cairo’s floating homes are disappearing to make room for a tourism project

Egyptian authorities announced on June 26 their plan to clear all houseboats moored along the portion of the Nile that winds through Cairo’s Embabeh neighbourhood. In the weeks since, residents have been forced to leave their homes, many of which have since been demolished.

The strategic connection between Community-Based Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals

Why Community-Based Tourism is so important for our industry? In her latest article for Travel Tomorrow, Elisa Spampinato drew some links to show that those inspiring grassroots stories are not isolated cases, but are part of a way of doing tourism that has great importance for our planet and especially for the people and the communities that inhabit it.

25 heritage sites in danger

Threatened by global challenges ranging from climate change to recovery from crisis, the World Monuments Fund has released its bi-annual watch list of important heritage sites in need of preservation.

Native Americans are finally at the heart of Yellowstone

America’s first national park inspired a global movement of ‘fortress conservation’, but we know today indigenous peoples are essential stewards of nature.

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