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Are We Witnessing the Death of Orphanage Tourism?

There is now irrefutable legal evidence to prove that certain forms of travel experiences, ones currently being offered by a whole range of providers in Europe, North America, and around the world, are causing harm, and may even be supporting child slavery.

Local pride, authenticity and connection – social benefits of trails and cultural routes

Trails were the theme on the Adventure stage at ITB Berlin last week. Their power to connect and foster social interactions generates social benefits for both tourists and locals which is crucial for sustainable tourism development.

Community-based tourism: a transparent alternative to voluntourism

As an alternative to a somewhat Westernised and potentially patronising desire to ‘help’ the poor, Community Based Tourism provides a means to support communities to diversify their income, on their own terms, and contribute to sustainable development in the process.

Protests continue against Pirin National Park Plan

Will plans for a new ski development in one of Bulgaria's most biodiverse national parks devastate its natural heritage?

Tourism Cares with Jordan Delegation launches list of 12 travel social enterprises

Tourism Cares and the Jordan Tourism Board have launched the Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan, featuring 12 social impact tourism experiences

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