Marriott in walk with lions dispute in South Africa

The hotel group’s involvement in the wild animal interaction industry came to light in a recent newsletter from Thompson’s Holidays. In the email, say Blood Lions, the four-star Limpopo Protea Hotel was promoted as an iconic South African destination where guests could ‘enjoy a thrilling walk with lions’.

In response to a query from the Blood Lions Campaign, Thompson’s apologized for the newsletter and removed the wildlife interaction punt from their website. According to Craig Drysdale, Thompsons Africa head of global sales, the group “does not support any wildlife interaction that we deem to be unethical in either its purpose or in any way results in cruelty as a side effect. We encourage our customers to consider this when requesting activities in our quotations.”

Thompson’s Group in June 2016 signed Blood Lion’s global ‘Born to Live Wild’ pledge, agreeing to distance themselves from all wildlife interaction practices. Blood Lions accepted Thompson’s Group apology but say they have “had to remove the global travel agency’s logo from their ‘Born to Live Wild’ pledge” until the Protea Hotel stops supporting unethical wildlife interactions.


This is an extract from an article first published on eturbonews. Read the full article here.

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