Intergenerational tourism as a tool to diversify the tourism offer in a destination

Intergenerational tourism as a tool to diversify the tourism offer in a destination

How can responsible tourism help design tourism models that diversify the tourism offer in a destination? By attracting senior travellers and their grandchildren in an innovative way. Let us introduce you SENINTER, a new tourism model funded by the European Commission to promote responsible transnational tourism between EU countries.

Why does SENINTER present an opportunity for destinations?

SENINTER is a tool to diversify the tourism offer, and therefore, the demand. In our specific example, the Emilia-Romagna region (in Italy), we presented a mature destination popular for mass tourism during the summer months. Through SENINTER we proposed a strategy to take place during low and/or medium season which favors the deseasonalization of the demand and adds value to local tangible and intangible heritage to attract a specific public: seniors travelling with their grandchildren.

We believe that projects like this present a real possibility to verify that sustainable and responsible tourism is possible, by moving from the abstract idea of sustainability to something especific that can provide tangible results. The implementation of models like the one explained in the tourist dynamization of a destination involve residents in the local tourism activity, fostering relationships between hosts and visitors in a creative and rewarding way for all.

It is intended that all stakeholders believe in tourism as a tool for change and improvement, a tool that promotes public participation in decision making processes and allows residents to get involved and become ambassadors of their local culture and heritage.

So… do you want to be the next SENINTER destination? We will be happy to provide you with more information about the pilot trip and the methodology used to make SENINTER possible in your destination. Get in touch sending an email to: [email protected]

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