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Travindy together with Be a Better Guide is looking to create a new online program to help tour and activity companies embrace sustainable tourism.

Our idea is to offer a step-by-step system to help tour businesses understand and implement sustainability best practices. We’ll showcase examples of thriving responsible tour businesses around the world and break down their success.

(Hint: by communicating, marketing, and positioning your products effectively, you can increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction, increase spending/customer and prolong the tourist season!)

Learn how you can profit from sustainable tourism.

But here’s the thing, we want to hear from you!

Would you be interested in a program like this? How might we help you succeed?

We’ve created a short survey that asks a few simple questions about your needs and challenges. As a way of saying thank you, we will automatically enter you into a draw to win a FREE copy of the final program!

Click here so we can get to know you. And so we can enter your name for a chance to get our Sustainable Tourism Program 100% free of charge.

If this is a topic that is important to you and your tour business, we’d love your help!


Thanks in advance,

Anula from Travindy & Kelsey from Be a Better Guide

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