Berlin’s tool to help city developers share best practice

Berlin’s tool to help city developers share best practice

For anyone who tracks innovative city programs around the world, award programs are a mixed blessing.The trouble is keeping track of all those winning ideas. There are now dozens of award programs out there. To learn from the winners, you have to know where to look. Which can mean searching across the websites of multiple organizations, some you may have never heard of.

That’s why the city of Berlin and the global association of cities known as Metropolis created something called the Policy Transfer Platform. It’s a website whose aim is to put case studies from many of these award programs in one place. The goal is to make it easier for urban practitioners, researchers and journalists to read up on award-winning programs from across the globe. The website also includes a social networking component that allows users to contact someone from the award-winning city who can answer any questions.

Read the full article: Idea Exchange: Berlin’s tool to help urbanists cope with ‘award overload’ | Citiscope

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