Interview: Agata Zborowska, Manager, Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

Interview: Agata Zborowska, Manager, Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

Agata Zborowska: “To me sustainable tourism is tourism that acts as a force for good – brings economic, environmental, social, cultural benefits to the destination and businesses in that destination and engages tourists. To answer the second part of your question, environment is at the core of sustainable tourism, however humans have to be included in sustainable management of companies and at the destination level. People have the power to change things, for both themselves and for the environment which they are inevitably part of, whether they like it or not! I also personally don’t think that you can have sustainability without equality. How can a business or destination be sustainable if it excludes employees or residents from the process? Favouring one group of people over other? It’s simply not going to work in long term and that is not what a sustainable model is about. ”

Agata Zborowska has over 10 years’ experience in variety of roles in Travel & Tourism sector and has worked with both small and large organisations in the UK and internationally in the areas of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, Business Travel, Travel PR and Marketing and Event Management.

In this interview, she shares her views on sustainable tourism with Ecoclub, focussing on the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards run by her current employer WTTC.

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