Third European Ecotourism Conference comes to Poland

Social Ecological Institute is pleased to invite to III EUROPEAN ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE,  26 – 29.04.2015 POLAND

Since 2010 and the first European Ecotourism Conference in Estonia, the European ecotourist movement has strengthened and managed to find more opportunities to meet and work together. This year we are happy to host you all in Poland. The dynamic development of ecotourism faces more and more global challenges. The III European Conference is a platform to discuss, share experiences and network. This year we also celebrate 25 years of TIES – The International Ecotourism Society. Lets get together on ecotourism issues in Europe, at the same time with The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference happening in Quito in Ecuador. All participants are welcome.

There is no conference fee! Accomodation and food are included! The only cost is own transport.

Download program details.

Visit conference website.

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