Seychelles moves to make tourist island of La Digue eco-friendly

Between 2012-2018, all vehicles on the island of La Digue are expected to be replaced by electrical vehicles, and for this purpose a concessionary loan scheme will be introduced, as well as a tax reduction incentive, on the importation of electrical cars

Based on the incentives being given to vehicle owners, it will be a mandatory requirement for them to replace their vehicles within a set time frame of 4 years.

While the policy is adopted for La Digue, the loans and tax incentives will apply to its residents and vehicle owners operating on the island, however, the import tax incentive will also apply to all electrical vehicles being imported into the country.

While electric vehicles currently have the same running costs and energy efficiency costs as fossil-fuel powered cars, electric vehicles cause less road pollution, and with the advent of renewable energy source exploitation, will become the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly form of transportation in the future.

The island would also need to develop electrical infrastructure in order to increase power supply, connections, and charging points. The Department of Transport will also introduce a few electric vehicles for trial purposes on La Digue.

La Digue Island in the Seychelles is today considered a must-visit island on all the itineraries by visitors to the Seychelles. In the past few years, more petrol vehicles have been introduced to the island, and in the recent past, even two fatal road accidents occurred on this tranquil island. The move by the government of the Seychelles will please environment-friendly developers and help consolidate the island’s tourism industry.

Article taken from Breaking Travel News. Read original version here.

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