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Travindy tells the stories of sustainable tourism.
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Travindy started life in 2013 as responsibletourismnews.com, a website launched by Berlin-based tourism consultant Anula Galewska. Unable to find a single, reliable place for responsible tourism news and resources, Anula began building it.  

Around the same time, London-based sustainable tourism writer Jeremy Smith was coming up against exactly the same problem. So when he discovered what Anula was doing in 2014, he suggested they collaborate. In November of that year, following a meeting at WTM, we both began posting news and comment pieces. 

In May 2015, we relaunched responsibletourismnews.com as Travindy, and began to developing the site as the place to found more news, interviews and opinion than anywhere else online. We also created a weekly newsletter rounding up the latest in sustainable tourism news, began to make media and industry partnerships, build resources, and work with other writers. Realising that there was also no place where sustainable tourism events could be found, we launched a calendar to do that.

From the beginning of Travindy’s development, we knew we wanted to make a site that was as open and collaborative as possible. With every product and service we have launched, we have opened it up to others to contribute. Anyone can post stories that subject to approval will be published, and likewise the calendar is open for anyone to list and promote their sustainable tourism events. And all of the original content that we post on the site is freely available to be shared, reused or reposted by anyone, anywhere.

Our commitment to support others and focus on collaboration really took off with the launch of Travindy Espanol in April 2015. It now provides a Spanish speaking audience with a similar service to the original English site, and is run by Pablo Pereira Doel and Angela Rodriguez, two alumni of the Leeds Responsible Tourism masters.

In September 2016, We took our biggest step forward so far, as the two founding partners have become three. Dr Xavier Font, Professor of Sustainability Marketing at Surrey University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the most published academic on sustainable tourism certification, has now joined as our Head of Impact. He brings a wealth of experience not only as one of the world’s leading tourism academics, but also as the creator of respondeco, which for many years has provided sustainable tourism communications services to leading companies and destinations around the world.

If you’d like to be part of the next chapter, why don’t you get in touch and tell us your idea.



“Not only does Travindy solve a pain for those in the industry wanting to keep abreast of key news and best practice, but it is helping to raise the profile of the important responsible tourism work being done across the globe in a unique way.”

Sally Davey, founder Tripbod (now part of Tripadvisor)