Orphanage Volunteering Special Focus


To launch our special focus looking at orphanage volunteering, we are participating in and supporting the #stoporphantrips Blogging Blitz

Every day for 30 days, a blogger is writing a post on this issue on their site. We republish all the posts here.

Anyone who supports the campaign is encouraged to share these posts using the hashtag #StopOrphanTrips

2 quick ways to help

1: Sign the Avaaz petition calling for travel operators to remove orphanage volunteering placements from their websites by the next World Responsible Tourism day at WTM in London in November 2016.

2: Share any article you find interesting with friends and contacts, using the hashtag #stoporphantrips

Videos on orphanage volunteering

Stop Orphanage Tourism

Orphanage tourism

The orphanage business

Don’t Create More Orphans

#StopOrphanTrips bloggers and organisations

Further information and resources

Download and share the Better Volunteering Better Care position paper that explains the problems with volunteering in orphanages

Download the paper

Ask travel companies to stop orphanage placements 

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