North Devon: Sustainable tourism app launched

A sustainable tourism app has been launched for visitors exploring North Devon. It will provide real time information on traffic congestion and weather, spreading visitor load and economy.

Türkiye ramping up efforts for sustainable tourism

Türkiye is intensifying efforts, led by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, to create a sustainable tourism industry that will also help the country achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Destinations funding sustainability through tourist taxes

Grappling with the impacts of overtourism pre-pandemic, some destinations are introducing tourist taxes to redistribute profits back into communities and offset costs for the maintenance of public facilities.

US sustainable travel survey

The Vacationer conducted a survey before Earth Day 2022 to find out how Americans feel about sustainable travel, how many are willing to spend more money to travel sustainably,...

Campervan conflict? Not in Tiree

The surge in campervan holidays in Scotland has had a negative impact on local communities. Now, a Hebridean island has found a sustainable solution.

US visitors wary of Ukraine threaten European travel recovery

Airlines and hoteliers have warned that the conflict in Ukraine is causing high-spending US travellers to hold off visiting Europe, slowing the industry’s long...

How holidays can help the people of Ukraine

The travel industry has moved quickly to support refugees from Ukraine and British holidaymakers can play a major role.

25 heritage sites in danger

Threatened by global challenges ranging from climate change to recovery from crisis, the World Monuments Fund has released its bi-annual watch list of important heritage sites in need of preservation.

2022 travel trends

2022 is well underway and consumers are ready to set out on their next adventure… if they haven’t already.  Based on Trip.com Group and...
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