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Calling all marketeers/bloggers/PR specialists with a strong network in the travel industry and a passion for responsible tourism!

Fairaway Travel, launched in April 2016, is the German travel platform of the successful Dutch responsible travel platform. We connect adventurous travellers with local travel experts in more than 20 destinations around the globe, providing 100% tailor-made, responsible, authentic and local travel experiences.

A little bit our mission:
“We want tourism to mean something: for the traveller, and for the local people. For the traveller, because the journey is an unforgettable experience, and for the local people, because their visit offers a direct source of income. We want to boost the positive impact of tourism; ensuring that Better Places to travel remain good places to live. That is responsible travel. And that is our passion.”

Freelancers wanted in Austria, Switzerland, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt
To help spread the message of responsible tourism, and the benefits it has for both the traveller and the local population, we are currently seeking freelance Brand Ambassadors in the following locations to join our team:

  • German-speaking
  • Based in Austria
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Based in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne or Frankfurt

Part time / Freelance (10 Hours/Week)

The ideal candidate would be available max. 10 hours per week and should have extensive travel experience, especially in the destinations we offer. We’re focusing at the moment on Latin America. Furthermore it would be great, if the candidate has a broad social reach on the social media channels. Ambassadors will be remunerated on a per-project (2-3 month period) basis as independent contractors.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for someone with a background in (digital) marketing, PR or (travel) blogging, a strong network in their local travel community, an affiliation with our mission of promoting local, responsible and authentic travel experiences, flexibility in their hours and their approach, and above all a willingness to learn from one another and collaborate.

How to apply

If you are interested, please get in touch before 25 May by sending your CV and a short cover letter to

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