Cancun will host sustainable and social tourism forum

Cancun will host sustainable and social tourism forum

From May 4 to 6, the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit at the Cancun Convention Center will provide a forum for many organizations, academics and industrial entrepreneurs to address all their attention to sustainability issues in the touristic industry.

During the presentation of the event, the president of the Organizing Committee of the Forum, Vicente Ferreyra Acosta, explained that “so far, there was no event in Mexico for professionals specialized in the subject, for developing sustainability in tourism”.

He commented that in the environmental theme there has been progress, however the social aspect has been largely left behind; so the meeting will also have organizations focused on the subject.

“This is an event that has conferences, panels of experts as well as an exhibition of sustainable products and services, which is expected to be carried out each year, in order to present progress and that all the above can be put into practice,” said Ferreyra Acosta.

This is an excerpt from an article first published on the Yucatan Times.

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