Meet the leaders of Responsible Tourism Networking at ITB Berlin 2017

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Responsible Tourism Networking is an annual networking event held at ITB Berlin in collaboration with The Blue Yonder. The integral part of the event are the ‘one minute pitches’, where participants present their initiatives and share inspiring stories. Here we present a small selection of people who wanted their pitch to be heard beyond ITB’s walls.

Take a look, and maybe you’ll find your long-awaited partner or client among them!

Vicky Smith from Earth Changers
Earth Changers connects pioneering people and places for extraordinary experiences for world-changing positive impacts.
If you’re looking for tourism which truly has a positive impact, unsure where to go, Earth Changers highlights the most sustainable tourism around the world, engages with the people behind places to reveal their true passions and purpose, and educate on the issues.

Mariellen Ward from Breathedreamgo
Responsible tourism is a developing idea and I’m passionate about helping promote it. If you are looking for help with digital marketing, please contact me. I’m a highly experienced, award-winning digital storyteller, marketing professional, and publisher of a leading travel blog ( I know how to create compelling stories and campaigns online, whether on my platform, on yours, or through social media and blogging. Based in Canada and India, I can help you reach a global, English speaking audience.

Kuldip Gadhvi from Kutch Adventures India
Namaste and Hello everyone. I’ve been running a small tour business called “Kutch Adventures India” in western most district of India and offering personalized experiences to visitors who are keen to know more about diverse and rich Culture and Traditions of Kutch, Gujarat that can be seen in its everyday life of farmers, cattle herders and artisans who are practicing traditional crafts such as block printing, tie and dye, various embroideries, weaving, batik and many other interesting crafts. Hence, I am welcoming “Responsible Visitors” to be my guests if you’re thinking of India. 🙂

Isabel Lissner from Green Key
Green Key is an ecolabel for hotels, hostels, campsites, holiday parks, small accommodations as well as conference centres, attractions and restaurants. The Green Key award is based on compliance with strict criteria in the areas of environmental management and sustainability education. Compliance with the criteria are confirmed through a rigorous application process and verified at on-site audits. Currently, more than 2,500 establishments in 54 countries are awarded with the Green Key. The programme is managed by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Green Key is endorsed by the UNWTO and recognised by the GSTC.

Rashmi Sawant from Culture Aangan Tourism
We address the issue of migration of youth to the city thru our Indian community tourism projects.

Gordon Sillence from Olympic Truce Peace Ambassadors Network
The Olympic Truce is the most important opportunity we have to develop a period of peace for those who need it most. Successive Olympics have failed to deliver this, so we have set up a network of Truce Peace Ambassadors to develop awareness and report on the Truce. Please see the Rio 2016 Report and support building the network for the Japan 2020 Games – peace is the fundamental basis of sustainable tourism, and we can’t rely on governments or business to deliver a conflict free world any more.

Jana Mueller & Yvonne Kuepper from Fairaway Travel GmbH
Fairaway Travel is an online platform which connects local travel experts with travellers. Our journeys are 100 % tailor-made and co2-neutral. Within the year of the sustainable tourism we send a reusable water bottle to our travellers and we want to reduce the plastic waste worldwide. Therefore we”re looking for projects such as “refill not Landfill” in Cambodia or “Refill Bali”, which map the refill spots within the country, so travellers can refill their bottle.

Florie Thielin from Voyageons Autrement
Voyageons-Autrement, which means “travel differently”, is the #1 French online media about responsible tourism. This independent website started in 2007. It has today more than 74 000 followers on Facebook. All articles are written by passionate journalists/bloggers members of the collective. Press trips, press releases, partners’ articles, there are many ways they can help you telling your story and giving it visibility towards French-speaking travelers. They are also the media partner of TV5MONDE for the “sustainable tourism” section of their website.

Hilary Bown from Long Story Short
Textual errors reflect negatively on your reputation. Foreign customers rely upon your English texts. Mistakes deliver them to competitors. Small business owners should focus on the bottom line.

Free yourself to innovate offerings and provide better customer service by delegating the writing to us. Need a professional, experienced eye to improve your existing language? Know just what you want to say, but don’t have the skill to say it well?

You’ve come to the right place! Let’s work together to underline your unique story compellingly and clearly in excellent English — in traditional media, in blogger reviews, and on your website.

Claudi Sult from GreenMe Berlin
GMB is a platform that represents the creative Berlin eco-scene, inspiring curious Berliners & travelers to go green with fun and ease. Main features: a map with 120+ restaurants, ethical shops, urban gardens etc., a podcast, blog, events calendar, tours, city guides & a #10daysofgreen challenge. I’m looking for support to grow reach in Germany and internationally, collaborations for organizing/ booking tours, as well as listings in web directories or on touristic websites who have Berlin as destination – e.g. to embed the events calendar, the tours, or the map. I also look for bubbly, outgoing, passionate tour guides in Berlin.

Magdalena Tejwan-Bopp from ETNOS-Global
ETNOS is an internet platform aiming at bringing people together, who want to find contacts to local people in a given country / region by themselves prior to planning a journey. The central idea is making direct contacts between travelers and local people offering touristic services.
Another major idea is ENTOS-Global being a competitor to mass-tourism. SUSTAINABLE, eco-friendly tourism is a Etnos-Global’s major aim.”

Martina Capel from Phima Voyages
Phima Voyages is a specialized tour operator that aims to develop sustainable tourism in Northern Peru. Sustainable tourism is a way to preserve the environment and traditions and create employment opportunities for the younger generation, supplementary income and a better quality of life. Included in our tour programs, we currently offer over 10 unique experiences that we designed with members in communities. Visitors share precious moments with the locals and get to know more about their traditions, culture and life. Experiences and encounters for curious travelers.

Polyana from Viare Travel
Viare Travel is an agency focused on responsible travel experiences in Brazil. We provide sustainable, educational, and cultural experiences throughout the country, in high demand destinations as well as interesting off the beaten path locations. We offer individual tours and accommodations, as well as complete, tailor made vacations, for the discerning and concientious traveler. We’d love to meet agencies whose clients are interested in Brazil, and whose ideals are aligned with ours!

Hanna Buck from Control Union Certifications
Sustainable tourism includes a broad field. Creating and implementing a proper sustainability management is an opportunity but also a challenge for involved organizations. The GSTC has created principles that should be seen as a minimum which every organization should aspire to reach. They will help as a guideline to become more sustainable. We at Control Union are now the first certification body to be accredited to check and certify the GSTC-Standard. We hope we can help transform the tourism industry into a more sustainable one and provide support. After all sustainability should not be a burden but a chance!

Apar from Trekking Trail Nepal
Global peace with the help of adventure tourism.

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